Cities: inclusive by chance or choice?

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We chanced upon this article written by NBBJ, world renowned architects famous for their works on iconic university campuses and government buildings. We were excited to find early on that it was one of the designers behind Gramercy Park. It comes as no surprise that this luxurious development has been praised for its architecture. We expect no less from world-class …

A brand new Deferred Payment Scheme to accompany a new TOP

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Prospective Gramercy Park buyers can now have access a new deferred payment scheme. This luxurious property located at 57 Grange Road inherits the status of being in District 10. Not to anyone’s surprise, it has become the top-selling freehold luxury residence in 2016. This new scheme allows buyers to obtain vacant ownership of their new unit under 30 days. These …

Competitive pricing in luxury market as property market warms up

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More action is in the air in the prime private market after an ascent in deal numbers amidst aggressive financing options and flexible payment plans giving purchasers more choice. CapitaLand is seeking to validate the quality of the upmarket segment buyers with Victoria Park Villas, at the intersection of Coronation and Victoria Park Roads, which is available for exclusive visits …

Attractive prospects for the prime property market

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The great dip in property prices post-2008 recession attracted many investors who saw low prices as a great opportunity. This article explains how they will soon realise their returns: Attractive prospects for the prime property market was last modified: January 3rd, 2017 by admin

Comparison of Gramercy Park to other developments

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A 1,884 sq ft unit on the 4th storey of Gramercy Park was sold for $4.71m ($2,499 per square foot), following a proviso held up on May 14. This is the second unit sold at the development. Furthermore, a 1,981 sq ft unit on the sixteenth floor brought $5.33m ($2,689 per square foot), in view of a proviso stopped on May 9. …

Analysis of Gramercy Park Price

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Core Central Region Land (CCR) supply has been decreasing The availability of CCR is correlated to the future supply of properties developed in Singapore’s central region: The circled parts show a decline of CCR post-2007, meaning that there will be fewer private developments in the coming years. This will likely cause greater demand for CCR properties, resulting in upward trends …