Analysis of Gramercy Park Price

admin Analysis

  • Core Central Region Land (CCR) supply has been decreasing

The availability of CCR is correlated to the future supply of properties developed in Singapore’s central region:

The circled parts show a decline of CCR post-2007, meaning that there will be fewer private developments in the coming years. This will likely cause greater demand for CCR properties, resulting in upward trends for Gramercy Park Prices.

  • Core Central Region property prices have not recovered fully

The existing CCR property prices is indicative of potential for growth. A reliable measure is to compare today’s prices with its peak back in 2007:

Compared to the other regions, CCR prices remain below peak prices of 2007 while the other regions have stabilized at a price higher than their 2007-highs. If there is a time to look into Gramercy Park prices it would be now, where the market has seen to be stabilized at a fairly valued price.